Home made Energy Solar Panels


Home Made Energy Review - I will tell you what this guide has and what it does not have for building your own solar panels and wind turbines. I want to build my own solar panels and wind turbines so I bought Home Made Energy. In this Home Made Energy Review, I will reveal the good, the bad, and my conclusions. I downloaded The Home Made Energy without any problems. The download came with 7 Introduction videos, 7 "how to" videos, sizing spreadsheets and a 55 page guide.

The Good:

The Introduction Videos were very informative. There are great things in reviewing the Home Made Energy guide. I loved the information on the concept of solar power and how it works. They also gave detailed information on energy conservation and how solar panels work and components needed to have your own successful solar power system. I learned more about solar power in these introduction videos then anywhere else. I think my IQ may have even gone up a few points. I felt smarter by just watching them.

The "How To" Videos were very thorough. Bill took you step by step while he made a solar panel. He was on camera during all of the instructions. In fact, he even made a mistake in his addition and also in soldering the tin wires to the cells. He also corrected those mistakes on camera. I liked knowing that if I made a mistake during the soldering process, I wasn't going to have to throw everything away and start over again. I learned that if I made a mistake, it can be fixed.

The Sizing Spreadsheets were simple. There are different components for each energy system you want to use in your home. These depend on your energy usage and what purpose you are building your solar panel for. You simply find out the load usage you need (You can find this on your electric bill) and then enter it into the spreadsheet and then it calculates everything you will need for your own solar system. Very simple.


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